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2 days ago

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4wd camping custom 12 volt ideas: Can I put an anderson plug on to run my fridge and caravan?

Well keep going to you blow my fuse

Maybe use the cig socket to trigger a relay then 🤷‍♂️

Jesse Weatherhead your buggy

24v Patrol owners can handle double? 🤣

Tayla Johnston Jarrod Johnston piggy back him with a bigger fuse it’ll be right

when you swap it with a 30A fuse

Benjamin Nash good thing I got two ciggy sockets now Ay

Zacc Cockburn the new cars computer and electrics can’t handle loads like the old hilux could 🤣

Lachie McNaughton literally the black beast!! 🤣🤣🔌🔌

Reno Grech "Yeahhh mate just tap into the ciggy lighter" 👌🤣

William Xuereb this gonna be your cigi outlet in the XB

Olivia Burns Andrew Doolan Kayne Munro 79s running stupid waecos

Riley Flick load her up

Jamie Davies this has my car written all over it 🤣

Declan Crawford the pump truck

Tramaine Sumsion DiY LeCcY

Liam Wood subie life

Adam Rowe sounds alot like your utes 😆

Todd Sample the 200 hahaha ahh fuk it

Paddy Heaney your truck?

Chris Durcau the work Ute

Mitchell alllll of your cars

Isaac Vaessen your alternator

Ben you've changed a bit

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3 days ago

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ItS a gHoSt CaM mAtE This is why car scenes should allow bullying

Far far worse. Worse than any F and F movie. Stop it.

Or a intercooler on a N/A car .

About as useful as a td42 cooling system

They remind me of those 2 step battles at car meets 🙈

Like putting a 3 inch exhaust on a 79

Wait, what? People are doing “ghost cam” tunes on diesels now?? 🤦🏻‍♂️

They are a game changer 🙉🤮

I was under impression It’s not supposed to be like a cam, -it’s a chugg, like old diesels do.

I still want a ramble box tho. Wank factor is wank factor. 🤣

Shhhh you might hurt some 79 owners feelings

Definitely assumes power …

Yeah but at least p platers turbo it as soon as the license allows them to

So is someone gonna tag all the big names in on this stuff? I heard the lope idle helps with the explore life when the models on the bonnet basically butt naked on the beach “for the gram”

Bill you love a good lope idle

This is excellent! 😂

Admin had a few super crisps tonight that’s for sure

Ashley O'Sullivan saves glazing a bore though right 😁

Really? Ghost cams on a ranger? 😅

Yes!!! Shave the cam like a real man

Fake lope is like getting head and he uses he’s teeth 🤣

I heard Sam Barnard was getting a ramble box for his 79 Matt Robinson

Luke Parker time to throw away the ramble box 😂

Josh Pearce I’m looking at you

Azza Newhill you thinking of who I’m thinking?

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3 days ago

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Dont they give these to Y62 owners at the dealership

If you're not first, you're last😉

Similar to a HZ and TD drag race, it's like the special olympics, even if you win....

This is 2000%Jordan Hunt with his 8 pounds of furosity Thomas Boroughs Lucas Tidy Reece Cox Sean Nuttall

No - never could that happen 🤪

Hahah with the wet fart blasting

Wouldn't beat in my Barina Isobel

Blake Hadjipetros The mighty ford courier would have a few trophy's now wouldn't it ??

Ruari Hockley accurate representation of me in the Hilux

Ash Cain It’s like he didn’t know we were racing

Troy Dowell you in the collie

Ash Horne the vanette never lost and that's a fact

Louis Bryen no one’s beating me

Annika Sarah this is Brock Edwards and Chevy Edwards to a T 😂🤦‍♀️

Coster Jeffries doesn’t matter about the tiny details, the point is you won

Zac Travis 120 in the 60 zone at ballina in the VS 😂🤣

Annette May Arnold betcha this is you in the swift, careful though uw might add an exclusion 😂

Morghan This must have been the barina driver we raced that night in the triton 😂

Jess Fletcher us with every car at all the lights

MacKenzie Stevens I’m the best there is plain and simple!!

Abril Coloma except im in your barina beating everyone😂

Adam Grey do you do this in the yaris

Georgia Lidbury absolutely smoked them

Arran Smith me winning at karting when you guys were warming up the tyres

Kahala Hart old mate in the falcon today

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3 days ago

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Well these 2 lined up today how bout that

Kyle Tassone except Gabby is telling you to get out

Immi Bartlett is this Eugene Stewart or what?

Monique Shaw Chynna Wuoti the 4x4 adventures and I’m convinced we coming along as the unpaid photographers HAHA

Zachary Holdsworth get out and film Braxlee right now

Kiara Rose Higgins expect you force me to stop, jump out of the car then happily trudge through trees, water etc just to get cool pics of lux 🥹

Ash Little you tellin Sarah Bensted to get out and film

Sophie Dillema film and run winches

Morgan Davis film this puddle please

Ryan McCosker what Jess says to Luc 🤣

Jarvis Pryor puddle being the key word here

Andy Richards the semi in apy lands 🤣

Matt Lockart I was only reliving this story to the girls this week hahaha

Fraser Duncan is that you to bruva andrew

Charni Finnegan lucky I don’t care for videos

Shannon Rose we need to train the kids

Tracee you ready for this??? 😂😂

Ilse Sibma how is it dating this exact person????? Samuel Scholz

Rick Hain that you?

Jane Wylde or on the beach lol

Leanne Accurate/10

Rachel Black me when i get wheel lift

Akilina Afonin Chernishoff haha when you go with me 4wdn

Brianna Louise Taylor our desert trip

Carina Michelle N us in Gove

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3 days ago

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Does this deserve the rod or what I’ll leave it up to you

Sent to my mate who drives a Delica - his reply: I’m confident that smoke is coming from a blown turbo….. Or a blown head gasket 🤣🤣🤣

KFC must have a deal on the family feast

I think we can all agree this picture is the definition of a "decent 4wd pic"

I take it that no ARB gears gonna be given away😂

As if any of the other pics had a chance against this 😍

4m40T power.💪🏼 just getting the tyres warm for a power run over mooney mooney.

Amy Charsley Steph Filetti now that I've seen that this can be done..no excuses why you can't do this in your car. Shotgun passenger seat.

Jak Evans Sam Evans Arliek Evans Duane must have got his van back

I second this, 22psi and some more fuel, 3inch straight threw pipe, and the 3 inch snorkel

Not even mad!

Photo taken on a private road in Mexico


Had to happen

Michael they said no burnouts out of the kinder driveway after picking the kids up… you should know better

Mike Tamas a thing of glory

Mark Thompson Riley Coffey Billy Colthup dreams can come true fellas

Jake Onley should get cav to do this in his dicklicker

Anthony Williams-Thompson what are ya up to haha

There were Mitsubishi RVR SUVs back in the day that ran 4g63 lancer evo motors, suffice to say it caught out a lot of people.

Give the man his rod.

Nick Safe remember my delica getting on the brake? 😂😂

Bom Ford this is a great pic to start the day

This is epic

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4 days ago

In my continued effort to get a decent cover pic, the following rules apply. If it’s a decent 4WD pic the winner gets the ARB 4x4 Accessories travel rod and everything else, If it’s what you usually pick, it’s the sticker, patch and key tag. 


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Gearbox out of one to Rob parts and motor in and out twice then build a motor in the sand to get it home

Leaked 400 series photo from my uncles mates brother who makes the wheel nuts for them

Mates First trip out 4wding in the 45k shed

Time to bar up boys

Not my pic but Giddy up. Budgie Davidson

35s no lift

Trusty old td towing the new caravan

Bold of you to assume any of that is worth more than a goofy cover pic but anyway

Its a Jeep thing.

Hilux owner in his natural habitat

Parked up on the neighbours letter box for that flex 💪🏼 Byron Scott Tristan Scott

Not my photo, but did happen fairly local to me..

I’ve thought about it and your just not worth the photo 😂

What's an ARB travel rod? Is that what they shove up you when they're charging you for their goods?

Harley Hoppner Jake Mcfarland sinks me how flat he gets with these cover pic comps😂😂

Did it jump the box

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4 days ago

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Pffft 35s have them seriously sweating… and cracking in half.

31 on mine and shes nearly a 2 peice feed

Split my series3 patrol rear door at the pillar with 35” tyres, so now it’s on a rear bar tyre carrier.

What do you mean I still have the stock all terrains on and the door hinges have basically peeled off the door

Landcruiser wheel bearings, -44 35’s

31’s are enough to crack the pillars don’t know why you need 37’s 😂

Michael Boccaccio funny how this post popped up (see they’re watching &listening)🤔. Wont run swing away/dont need swing away. Weight dizzy

Harlem Stirling Callum Edinger and don't forget the bin bag full of empties ay

37’s on mine for 3 years now. Door still going strong. For now

Jack Schafer this is deadset my back door

Same as suzuki rear hinges with a 30 🤣

Don't forget about the crack 😅


Jess Nicol even the rear bar has a rough time with a 35

Zd manifold studs

Bryce Fowler this was the prado haha

Adam Dunscombe the discos back door

Cameron Young don't let the door bounce!!

Quentin Grubisich. the gu was battling the 35”s 😂

Tristan Hooper 29”s

Liam French Poole 33 on a 76 too haha

Patrick Douce 29 inch wheel so don't have that issue 😂🤣😂🤣

Lachie Keogh when you mount your 35 hahaha

Luke Mckinlay this makes me think of u 🤣

Regan Ingram the time will come

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5 days ago

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This should of been captioned when u ask a 79 owner the size of there penis

Wait. We ask how much now? Why 🤷🏽‍♂️. You get what you’re given and you will damn well drink it or I’m not cooking breakfast.

Damien Briais his usual 80/20 mix. Bottle of Rum with a can of coke.🤣😂

Always a two finger measure

All of it!!

*stones ginger wine

So it's good then

What do you reckon Ruben keep poring

Liam Smith gotta make sure its absolute minimum 50/50😉

#1125ml of OP #dutyfree!!!

Johnny Jones or how big your hole is

Macy Bell “oh fuck” “oh well we will just have a double shot”

Jordan Wilson looks a bit like you most nights

Soft as… night night 🤣💜

Joel Cunningham maybe this bloke popped in Friday night.

Sophie Jane Speirs your large measures !

Scott when he gave me a mix that could’ve started a 747 😂 Deb Meuleman

Never enough

William Cornwill Adam Grizzell Johnny Le Jesse Wilhelm just the way i like it

Ivan Haunui one of your sized mixes 😂🤘🏻

Derek - you’ll need a big Rum Drinking Mug if ET’s coming along.

This is you with alcohol Sam

Nathan Bunker & Mitch Fanning @ Indian Head

Liam Heads Jordan McLaren Nash Kuorikoski 2 weeks no showers diet of rum and chips

Ben Rogers us around a campfire at 1am 😂😂😂

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