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$59.00 $45.00 inc GST

or 4 fortnightly payments of $11.25 with Afterpay

$59.00 $45.00 inc GST

or 4 fortnightly payments of $11.25 with Afterpay

$59.00 $45.00 inc GST

or 4 fortnightly payments of $11.25 with Afterpay

$59.00 $45.00 inc GST

or 4 fortnightly payments of $11.25 with Afterpay

$59.00 $45.00 inc GST

or 4 fortnightly payments of $11.25 with Afterpay

$59.00 $45.00 inc GST

or 4 fortnightly payments of $11.25 with Afterpay

$45.00 inc GST

or 4 fortnightly payments of $11.25 with Afterpay

$59.00 $45.00 inc GST

or 4 fortnightly payments of $11.25 with Afterpay


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You guys are bloody legends. You helped raise just on $1300 and we’ll tip in the extra to make it $1500.

Thanks so much for helping us raise money for such a fantastic cause.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from anxiety or depression, contact Beyond Blue.

Cheers guys and girls


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26 minutes ago

Comment on Facebook 356299934799293_1052611891834757

And for tomorrow's dinner, packet of DEB and market value snags

Apparently this is all you need for 24hrs 🤷

Sean Short this and those Costco Buffalo Wings on this year’s Christmas Adventure?

You and uncle Ben Jesse Chippa Smith

Benji Kennedy reckon Will Stephens could pull this meal off or bit of a stretch

Shaun Flint Blake Galley Max Mallett Shaun's good ciggie Alfredo pasta

Zac Northey

Taylor Howley

Dion Langan i picture you and me camping when i see this

Michael Hillery Tom Gray bone app the teeth

Liam Smith

Tiffany MacDonald

Alex Poultney


Adam Wallis you talk about all your fancy shit 🤣🤣🤣

Erin Fenemor

Justin Field

Wyatt Little

Geoff Sharwood

Michael Pickham Jono Bratby

Ted Mosby

Sarah Clarke

Grace Marshall

Sam Wallner legit 😂😂

Max Livingstone Jarryd Veenstra Steven Micallef do you believe me now

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8 hours ago

Cant fish without my @supercheap_auto black bucket Youd be mad to own another one unless @repcoaustralia gives me one. Catch fish not feelings shirt available on the site Yeeew.

Comment on Facebook Can't fish without ...

May as well fish while you wait for the td to cool down after that beach run.

Slow down with the influencing. I won't be able to get to town until Saturday to buy one, and will be mad if they are all sold out.

I wasn't called a legend so I won't pay any attention 🤣

This months herb smokers special at SuperCheap- Purchase a black bucket, receive a free 1.25l coke bottle!

Where's this at cob?

Yewwww hey legends few bust ups out here wouldn't be possible with the sca bucket

You should do a long sleeve one to stop the cancers

Got more photos? Of the bucket-;not you....

Cowboy Tuned it’s should be ‘Cat Fish Not Feelings’ #tinder

Game changing bucket build

Thomas Hodgson

Blake Coleman

Nathan Connelly my old bucket... still she got screwed to the fucking wall ahah

Tommy Barnes he might have more luck than you 🤣

Dillon Feistl

Did you catch anything?

Mathew Kemenade that spot look familiar.

Harry King sort a fella out will ya

Hayden Drysdale shirt for you

Nick Richardson

Nick Howitt singing your name that top

Jonathan Gribble it gets better

Aaron Clarke.. lets get a pair

Can’t fit a 3m flatie in that bucket ya dog

“A lot of you have been asking about my bucket”

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1 day ago

Comment on Facebook 356299934799293_1051405481955398

Fixed the hilux hand brake problem

When 2c worth of dust can destroy a 20k motor!

Bahahahaha the handbrake in my 80 is utterly useless. The handbrake in my Tacoma works 80% of the time 🤣🤣

Gotta take the old trusty wheel chock everywhere

What does handbrake mean?

Mitchell Harley awesome for towing off road vans

80 series*

BAHAHHAHA. I’m in stitches. This was too funny

Pooeys work and are rockets. A group where we pretend to do 480 down Mooney Mooney

50 psi

Dylan Crosby

Josh Jasinski

Riley Mills

Michael Briggs

Tim Jallands

Tayla McLean

Cogs Mayfield

Matt Waller

Jack Wiencke

Darcy Turnbull

Max Davis

Josh Thomas

Tim Paton Brett Johnstone Rollin rollin rollin, down the boat ramp rollin, boats beginnin to floatin RAWHIDE

James Galea

Aaron May

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2 days ago

Comment on Facebook 356299934799293_1050831235346156

Hurts inside a lil bit not gonna lie

I hate this haha! As I'm about to turbo mine

Andrew Groome

Joe Muntz

Adam Pearce

Rhys Aspin I can see it happening

Sean Belanger

Jake Redbeard Allott

James Speakman

Mitchell Dunstan

Lloyd Francis

Anthony Anderson

Sam Clayton

Matt Hovius

Leeam Dias

Angus Raleigh

Christian Funz


Sean Achilles

Garrett Mitchell Burns that hurt

Archie Thomas

Jayden Fleetwood

Tom Wade

Jack Dodds

Archie Browning Matt Farah

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2 days ago

Whats bloody goin on legends. A lot of you have been asking me about my @supercheap_auto black bucket. Its definitely a cut above all the other black buckets Ive owned.  Its saved the day yet again collecting rain water as I used about 80 litres on the 1km stretch up the beach to get here. Ill do a half hour review on it soon. Dont forget to like and subscribe and leave a comment about your black bucket. #happyrainyday

Comment on Facebook What's bloody goin ...

Well I've got a sahara bucket, which has an inbuilt rainwater freezer that only works when I switch the bucket on.

If it’s not a $35 Bowden’s Own bucket, what are you even doing?

Running the same bucket setup happy with mine to def better then the $1 Bunnings bucket

I work at a bakery. We throw out 20L buckets everyday. Ive got a stash of them at home.. but they aren't black, they are white. But they take a beating believe me

I have the same one fuck it’s been great definitely put one on your bucket list

I call bullshit on the 1km of beach driving with a TD Kettle. Either it was towed there, or this pic was taken within a 10k radius of Cowboy Tuned's house.

Does it affect the warranty? I had a friend of a friend who has a uncle who said he had his warranty void because he stored it on it's side.

Make sure you ask the Toyota dealer to fit the ARB bucket, and you'll get to pay stamp duty on it too! Yew #dumbboomer #justgottaask

Are there fitment options for this bucket in the ARB catalogue? Asking for a senile farmer

Does it hold water in it better than the bucket from TJRBMan’s buckets ..?

Now that’s a game changer? Has it got a lid? Or is that only available on the second series? Cheers legend #Followforafollow #influencer #dronesarelyf

Don’t have a bucket but those green fold up tables are mint

Mate, can we get a shirt with a black bucket on it

The old cash for comment

Yeeeww how's them buckets legends

Farrkkk mate! You running out of content!? 🤭

Can you fit 35s with a black bucket?

Lochie Williams George Cover Blake Medlyn Mitch Anderson might have to invest in a super cheap black bucket

Does ARB offer any black buckets?

Black buckets matter

“80 litres on 1km stretch” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You forgot YeW LeGeNdS

Jordan Heather better get some black buckets

Nick Tingle Georgia Evans I’ll hafta get on of these

You forgot the "yew"

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3 days ago

Comment on Facebook 356299934799293_1049824088780204

😂😂.. but does a bit of racing here and there so

Meh bathurst sux now... only aussie thing about it is its location...apart from that it's dead...

I couldn't think of a worse way to waste time over a weekend.... Except doing the clutch in my 105 on the driveway. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Influencers are the lowest laying stagnant water known to man, sell their soul for a few more like and some easy cone cash. If you're influenced by these brain dead morons on social media do the world a favour.... Uppercut yourself then finish the job with a short length of rope!


Meanwhile at REPCO........

Only good thing about Bathurst is the supporting races. Main race is bat shit boring

This has never been more true 🤣🤣🤣

ThInKiNg Of Ls SwAp : poll

Notice how the toyota supercars axles are the same length and shes not rolled over yet

Zac Greenfield

Curtis Hosking

Jake Gibbs Devereux

Kyle Potter

Ryan Christie

Hugh Brenton

Wade Hughes

Tony Bishop

Kade Wiseman it was the Tongs that sold me 😂😂

Nicola Moore

Ryan Blakis

Morgan Manning

Dion Rosser

Brad Blow

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3 days ago

Comment on Facebook 356299934799293_1049764742119472

Every ldv t60 owner ever 😂

Throttle Controllers dont increase top end HP, however they do increase acceleration ramp up power, which is the amount of accessible power you have when you plant your foot. It can be measuered either from a standing start or rolling speed.

Lol had to explain this a hundred times apparently throttle position even stops turbo lag 🙄

youve got mental illness if you waste your money on one to begin with

On it's own it won't, but if you add a 2 inch lift and 35,s

Piggy back two of them for double the HP!

Mine gave me 750 more powers of horses

They’re pointless if you keep the throttle wide open

Saying “killerwasps” instead of KW means you’re a boomer.

Yeah mate it’s got one of those removable tunes.

What's the biggest tire i can fit without a lift

William Murfett just wears the pedal out if you have to push it all the way

Luke Berg is the uncle

It's all about the throttle curve and the way it interacts with the flux capacitor

I had had 240Kw 79 and it was great for making it less touchy when 4wding As for power increase yeah nah

Ben Parker

Damian Sweeney

Tom Lavelle

Cody Abbot

Tom Densley

Dan Imbesi

Matthew Tassell

Jack Wilson thoughts?

Uncle Michael

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5 days ago

Comment on Facebook 356299934799293_1048358088926804

how the free standing awning folks' setup looks to people with poles after the wind gets higher than 12km/h

Fuck oath I do! One on the camp trailer one on the 20 year old jeep... both of my awnings are worth more than my jeep and trailer combined...

Anyone recommend a good one? In the market for free standing awning if one of you rich bastids could recommend a good one?

Until the wind wraps them over their car 😂

Need awnings so the coffee pod machine and 5k lithium battery bank doesn’t overheat

Insert wind and how the tables turn, literally

The rich looking down at the poor

Ben Firth Ali Chapman when the turn tables and we watch old mate struggle with his cruiser

Jordan Gallop this you with your flash 270 awning to people with a standard 2x2.5m kings

Ian McCarthy 🤔 do we need to change the game?

Nathan O'Sullivan

Kieran Lowe

Corey Barnes

Nathan Bridson

Tom Dalyell

Will Evennett

Damien Beverley

Emett Pulford

Josh or just a fucked awning lol

Aww Righto then Wade Pringle

Joel Musch

Dylan Smith

Joey Della Vedova snobby bastard

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