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7 hours ago

Comment on Facebook

Classic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Rodney Salmon when you don't quite make the numbers you want on the dyno πŸ˜‰

Aaron Rider its called an italian dyno ramp

Jake Amsler

Mitch Smith

Clancy Playsted

Adam Schuurman

Jake Lawler πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Nicholas Toomey you all over

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1 day ago

Comment on Facebook

Rain isn't what you should be worried about. The defect blitz the cops are doing every weekend is what's keeping most out of the scrub at the moment.

The whole trip to Beachport/Robe... in the middle of summer Steven Dear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Fuck the weather, more beer and wood fixes rain!!!

No such thing as bad weather just bad preparation

Jack Jacobs your favorite camping weather 🀣

Jesse Ferguson probably the weekend we plan to go πŸ™„

Or fishing the wrecks Ben Finocchiaro

Sopheap Morn our luck every single time

Fucking wish I was out there

Abbey Degner

Katy Jones

Gary Bain

Lachlan Tamsett

Anita Kroschel

Emily Lovo rip

Andrew Bain

Nancy Yin immediately changed my mind after glamping HAHAHA

Rebel Kersh relevant or what πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jake Penfold


Nathan Harrison new years

Matt Geddes peeeerfect

Jake Hannah Jordan Heery

Tom Heaton

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1 day ago

Comment on Facebook

Fuckin calm down, it could been the old gravity straps he was using.

As long as it's the Grunt brand she'll be sweet. They have a mean looking bulldog on their label must be tough.

Here's how to make the straps look good πŸ‘

4 straps... really?? This workplace safety has gone way too far, 2 would have been more than enough. 🀣

Should have given the track adjusters a few pumps just to really put some stretch on those straps. Then a slap on the arse end of the machine accompanied by that common phrase πŸ‘

Love the heavies in the photo trying to explain to the driver how cloth straps aren't suitable...

Tried the rocking test? If you can't rock it, then all's good πŸ˜‚

How else do you expect any load stay there if you don’t twang the straps :/

When I was a kid I used to get un trouble for twanging me sisters straps.

I don't even "twang", I "flick".

Perfect.Colour coded as well.Very neat.OMG!!!

Every strap technician failed to notice the chains that are to be obviously used to make it secure.

its not legal with straps must have chains and crossed

Sure there'll be chain under there anchoring it to the deck..... Maybe

zippy ties will hold hem??

Only think he did wrong was it wasn't night time.

Yep that twist in the rear strap could get him in shit

James McInerney might be wrong method but atleast he puts the strap through the ratchet correctly

5Ton straps X 4 = 20ton πŸ˜‚πŸ€”

Yeah dead set 34 straps

If the spastics have driven a float before they would know it will site there till the truck rolls over

Zoe Richardson Ruff feed bins were always snug as a bug

Duct tape also

Jay Weston I don’t see a problem. He even used the proper straps- not the ones from super cheap

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2 days ago
Whats bloody goin on top fan bloody legends. Just thought Id check how you lot are going. Whats everyone up to this weekend?
Ill give you another discount code for 10% off too... this ones pitviperfukboi

Comment on Facebook

Unfortunately have to blow zeros 😏😏 Vipers would make mad safeties, hook us up!

Not much just paint the house and flip it while the markets good so I can use the equity to buy another 75 series Cos fuck the kids inheritance

Gotta service a Craptiva diesel before trying to get it roadworthy... Gonna be one long weekend...

Put a drop slide into my 80 that is currently sitting on the driveway with no cylinder head.... Priorities.

Returning my rig to stock to dissociate myself from the absolute clusterfuck that is the 4WD industry.

Sink a few cans while I wait for the big girl to come back from getting the 1hz tuned up by some bloke wearing an akubra I found at a back street pub.

I’ll Probably buy some pit vipers and rack a line of blend 43

Bloody working all weekend 😩😩😩. Gotta pay for the new rig somehow

Ooft rough go, mate just a pair of pitvipers for all us groomsman for his wedding xD

You drinking that foamy water because it reminds you of the td 42

Having beers, maybe go 4wding, wire up my coffee machine and pie oven 🀣🀣🀣

me and my pitties are gonna go do doughies on a beach and film it for tik tok

Getting blind at the local races hopefully no wankers in pit vipers there to king hit me

Was supposed to start changing out front leafs and torsion bar but started sinking tinnies and sat down, can’t be fucked now

Installing water methanol injection on the kettle and sinking cans

Gonna smash a night run tonight and down to waroona dam tomorrow, keen to get my influencing on

Keen to ‘Hit you up on the website for thaaaaat’

Went for a roadie to find new tinder opportunities

I pray for the people who drink that shit just because you do. #gninfluencer

Going to order some shirts, soon.

Just smashing rums at the pub

Wuhan whistler on the 1hz πŸ’£πŸ’₯

Feel like pure shit just wanna drink some $2 bing tangs on kuta beach

Searching for a decent 1kd turbo to use instead of the current wuhan whistle

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2 days ago

Comment on Facebook

The algorithm is learning your fav sunnies

What about this then

2 days ago

Comment on Facebook

That’s a lot of people’s dads. he drives a 79 πŸ€£πŸ‘Œ

Daddy clearly likes Patrols

Jay Robinson joe dirt when he was a kid

Personal attack yet again.

Jack Hits pretty close to home πŸ˜‚

Harrison so you didn’t leave him at the pool as you said. Hmmm.

Phillip Mounfield

Mish Rennie Tom Gemo Pls halp, I am lost

Tammy Burnett

This is you Stewart Kitzelman

Jordan Froome this is Ashley Moloney when he has a son

Elias Perris

Michael that’s jnr

Jayden Keller

Chad Brindley dis you unk

Theo Tudor

Karan-Rae West

Jordan Medcraft you got a kid?

Toby McNeill Brayden Smith is Brenan Jones missing a child

Connor Colourful-Bloody Scoundrel

Maigan Ripley Brooksby

Rebekah Harback


Clayton Decosta

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3 days ago

Comment on Facebook

Any Landcruiser owner 🀷🏼‍♀️

RB30 patrol owner *racking lines in the public dunny*

Atleast the LS1 won't explode

2 posers and one that don't fuck around

Oh that is so true..... LS1ed the PooTroll when the grenade went boom!!!

Looks like they all want a "Barra"

Fourby ppl are a special lot if they have a patrol “I’ve pulled so many landers from the bog “ if they have a landy theve pulled so many patrols out of the bog lol. They come into work... got any fourbies mate? No only twobiesπŸ€ͺ

"Check out my worked Pooie engine" ...and the overdraft bank account that comes complimentary πŸ˜‚

Just jealous they can get more places than you just bopping on the limiter and no hubs locked 🀣

1hz turbo owners

I’m upset the 4.5 vdj crew didn’t get a look in here

LandCruiser owners Patrol owners IFS owners

Tb42 owners shoot up in public bathrooms

Nope the sensible ones often get over looked

Be able to cook the fish on the bonnet of all of them 🎣😜

Zd 30 should be holding a grenade

Clearly the LS is eating the barra

Yes mate you have to think outside the square

Tb42 owner stole the fuel tanks from their dinghy

Not keen on a ls1 swap instead Sam?πŸ˜‚

Wheres the barra patol boys??

Keen to see rb26dett gq owner

Barra turbo patrols just there doing curls with their fish.. haha..

LoL i like how you dont mention the 6.5 junker converted patrolsπŸ€ͺ

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3 days ago

Comment on Facebook

I’d like to apologise for Cowboy Tuned’s unnecessary and well frankly, inappropriate apology....

And yet unlike Cinderella, the shoe fit so many...

What are you talking about he produced a solid video 2 weeks late about a product he never used going off information supplied by another youtuber and acted smug about it... That's influencing basics.

So it wasn’t Robert Pepper and his videos. So now you’re also offering training and personal coaching on influencing πŸ˜‰πŸ€£

Lol does getting a mention on CBT Validate him ?? Or put him in the running for the "Being a Belter" award

They all spat out their chai lattes with disgust..

I had all the time in the world for John Codogan and respected him well. Up until the point where he acknowledged the existence of that other fuckwit. John, I thought you were smarter than the rest of the YouTuber’s. So disappointed

They're still sucking sand out their snorkels

Tells you all you need to know really

Don't make me YouTube this bloke to find out who you're talking about.

You only need to apologise when your wrong

Now what the fuck have you made me watch. I feel dumber for watching the tripe

Good old John Cardigan, waffles on more than an old biddy at bingo

200 series owners at it again, eh?

They are all the same πŸ˜‚

Plenty of you tube scabs looking for stuff for free . There opinions are paid for !!! Very few aren’t in it just for the freebies and cash .

Never apologize

woke CT movement

Didn't mind the vid. If you have an accessory holder for a 4x4 and no sill damage cry on bitches

Having not been offended by anything online for sometime. I went searching for this post and, to my disappointment, found myself not offended. Influencers are just whores who prostitute themselves to the highest bidder! Cadogan, though a bit of an arrogant cock, is the closest thing we have to an actual motoring journalist these days. The rest are too busy making up some complete bullshit about something they supposedly saw on a Japanese midget porn site about the 300 Series or sucking Chinese cock for advertising $.

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