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10 hours ago

Cowboy Tuned

Buying a full off road camper to tow behind the soft roader is dressing for the life you want not the life you have ... See MoreSee Less

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Some people bought Y62s, let's not be harsh, everybody makes mistakes!

I think we’ve all gone out of touch What ever happened to the humble roots of a swag on the back of a single cab Ute, with an esky full of beer and soggy meat from all the water None of this independent suspension trailer bullshit with a state of the art 12v system and fridges and shit... Jk I’m just poor 💔😂

Or you find out the tracks tighter than you remember

when your camper has a bigger lift than your 4wd

Or buying a full off road camper and only using it in a caravan park.

Saw a Subaru liberty towing a black series camper, real depressing 😂

Daniel Mason or buying another defender to tow behind your defender as one oil leak just wasn't enough

John Needham lucky youre moving on to the next stage in life you wannabe grey nomad.

Gareth Stephens you

Nathan Butler Jordan Kelly David Treasure

Jason Cook

Troy Staines

Cameron Clark

James Waters

Thomas Hodgson were looking at you 200’s

Terry Hobson

Thomas Vincent grinds my gears seeing this

Chris Yarrow behind the hi-rider

Brdy Pte, I think he's talking to you 🤣🤣

Tom Keevers

Toni Burton

Ryan Pickels this has u written all over it 😂

Liam Hern

Tim Lawson (Timmeh)

Bryan Worms remember when you did this?

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23 hours ago

Cowboy Tuned

Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

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Cunts slow down anytime they see me towing it's like bra my flat top pump, gt2860 and tired engine isn't going to kick in and hit boost on the hill

I knew of this pain.

*turbo diesel that weighs 3 tonnes and has 98kw

Just punt them with the ARB like the US cops do on chases..... spin them off into the weeds 😂

Not off Mooney Mooney it won’t at 480Km Pers.

Sebastian Gardam Keegan Wilson Justin Smith my biggest hate with the old triton on nook hill. I could do 100 up it why couldn’t everyone else lol

Always late In a 2.8 😂😂😂

Ayden Palmer hilux on 33’s with 3.56 diffs becomes a 4 speed manual, 5th gear is only a fantasy

Cameron Kedwell Aaron Kedwell coming home from Gordon country in the old hilux fry pans bouncing out of the canopy

Lachlan Carid my patrol at the moment 😂

Jessie Macleod the sierra needs a runup for hills so I get pissed when some geriatric fuck slows down to 80 right before a hill

Tristan Bird I know this feeling all to well

Aaron James-Todd half these comments are about 2.8l Hilux’s

Fuck Jared Toon this was the 80 series when we put the 35s on it. Shit took FOREVER to get back up to speed

James Finn even turboed diesels, especially with offroad tyres 🤣🤣

Jason Peterkin 2.8lts of straight diesel fury in the hilux...

Josh Heatherly when the 2.6 Pajero has to be dropped into 2nd just to get up the hill 😁😂😂😂

James Derrig BD1Lyf before KLR Turbos 😂👌

Ash Seers every second comment regarding “the old hilux” 😪

Michael Naughton Rob Manning towing in the hilux last year

Kyle Matchett I remember these days

Callum Murray Is this what it feels like in a 2.8 Hilux?

Joel McKinlay when use thought it would be funny to slow down when I was in luxy :// 😭

Hayden Abraham, awww man fuckin aye, we know them feels too well lol

Griffan Randle those hills on the way to Cape Conran

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1 day ago

Cowboy Tuned

JetSki owners are always driving like massive dickheads because they are in a hurry to get back to the Ranger and get home to kiss their dad on the lips. ... See MoreSee Less

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Im assuming I'm ok cuz I tow my ski with a 105 and not ranger🤔🤣

David I always see you getting around these, so enjoy this one😂

Gotta love the water popo pulling over the jet skis from time to time

Jetskis, rangers and cyclists go hand in hand lol

Jet skis are the cyclists of the waterways

Samuel Nash thankyou for telling me about this page 😂 this one made me laugh especially hard

Straight ranger owners ithink🤔🤔

Nathan Hooper lucky you don’t have a JetSki “yet” mate 😂

Cause yor there dad

Couldn't be more accurate

Brandon NesciDaniel SmeetsAndrew Hurcombe explains the interest from you blokes I guess

Jeremy Hydes hahaha! Got the ski and the ranger

Ranger with raptor stickers*

So true!! 😂😂

Lachie Hutton..*jetski powered mini boats

Glen Stewart you should just put a ranger badge on the Nissan lol 🤣🤣🤣 Pete TheRabbit

Damien Price this page aimed at you? 😂 On another note what are we doing with that ski? Haha

The JetSki and Ranger Combo Aiden 🤣

Aaron Triffo Triffett buy a JetSki

Lance. You’ve got the Ranger 🤣

Luke Hayman maybe you need a ranger! 😂😂

Boyd Daniels guna buy a jets ski with that new ranger?

Andrew Thwaites never have I ever seen anything more accurate

Will Coulter youll be buying a ranger and a jetski in no time

Andrew Linehan hahaha fits perfectly

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It's good ok. New topic

Dean Mclaughlan

Phil Lawrence the 80 for almost all of 2019. 2020 will be all smiles though 🤠

Kayla Smith

Josh Rushton

Amber Scanlon me 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂😂

Josh Ryan

Craig Mayman

Aiden Harris

Brandon Forbes

Thomas Naughton

Rhys Jolliffe

Braedyn Ashley

Dee Mac

Harry Maciejewski

Andrew Savage

Stuie McFarlane

Joshua Sheppard

Jarryd Wood

Tayla McIntosh

Charlie Walsh

Gareth Carpenter the hilux?

Brendan Driver Luke Patane Damien Ferguson when someone says stallion can't do a burn out.

Corey Sawtell

Nathan Bouma old fourbies are life

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2 days ago

Cowboy Tuned

Sahara owners be bragging about spending $100k plus on a car then nek minute be posting I DO NOT GIVE FACEBOOK PERMISSION TO USE MY PHOTOS COPY AND PASTE THIS ON your WALL BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT ... See MoreSee Less

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If they aren't posting that its because they are too busy entering a giveaway from a suspicuously small overseas page with 4000 likes that is generously giving away a luxury motorhome and $250k yacht to one lucky person who 'shares this post' 🙄😂

I'm so happy my 4x4 model is shitty and old enough it doesn't get the piss taken on here

Actual photo of Deborah stepping out of the shower

Deborah has already shown her support lol 😂

Looking the goods Debbie 👌🏻😘

And Still can’t park 😂

Unfortunately these days rich doesn’t equate to intelligent 🤣😂

LX570 owners laughing 😂

Holy shit no words this true have ever been uttered before.

When deb uses the facebook.

As if we operate our own fb accounts ya peasants

Where do you get them for a hundy?

Wayne Wykes

Al honestly you

Clancy Henderson is this part of "the dream"? Mick Mocket Toby Settree

Connor George

Ok boomer

Riley Mcdonald

Hayden Moore

Hahaha Kevin Blatchford don't you drive a sahara?

Cowboy Tuned Y u Hef 2 b Mad? R u PooR oR sOmEthiNG?

Matt Ellison

Reg Maybir

Jason Johnston

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2 days ago

Cowboy Tuned

Get 50mm of rain and the natives are into it... Hope everyone who need it are getting it. ... See MoreSee Less

Get 50mm of rain and the natives are into it... Hope everyone who need it are getting it.

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You just never know what you’re gonna see on Cowboy Tuned

Sign's of better things

This is incredibly easy to fap to.

Even in Melbourne there are frog fuckin everywhere

All we got was more fucking dust

When two 79 series infulencers meet 😆

This is the best 😂

And the rain

Love in the purest form

"No your insta 79 page is better."

Getting rain...or...?

A root or rain?

Froggy style.

Are you talking about the rain or the root? Ethan Coble

Rob Mcwilliam

Jesse Abraham

Frogs on fucking frogs ya dogs. Tyler Marsh


Jade Clelland

Peter Pearson


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2 days ago

Cowboy Tuned

Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

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Doubles as a rag

But us land rover owners get funky modern driveway art .

Still better than the social stigma attached to driving a Nissan!

More like it.

Im just waiting for the tags

So fuckin accurate 🤔🤣

Brian Hobart

Hamish yeahnah it's rust proofing ay

Doing absolutely anything to timmy* Neville Pratt😂

Benjamin Sempf at least you don’t own a bloody Land Rover 😂😂

Matt Paine

Michael Fairall you when you look at the lux

Brad Deverell

Mitchell Bessell

Rory Bull

Jonathon Morgan

Jake Irvin that oil line

Or a windscreen lol Brett Paul Willie

Lachlan Smith would be the same for you wouldn't it

Teigan Thompson bahaha goodluck

Luke Hiscock Josh Adams can you confirm?

Daniel Mason

Craig Handley if this wasnt so true id feel attacked

Adam Kuhn remind you of anyone?

Dylan Finlay

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Comment on Facebook

😂😂😂😂😂 sad time for everyone

Morgan this was my face when I saw that 100 cone up the hill in glassy that day

Harley Murphy Tristian Maiden when we were 18 and Barr put the lux against a tree so a visit to Harley's was needed

This was us in the nav yesterday Watching the Ranger go over the rocks Stephen Douglas

Elliot surely a river bash in the earth before it gets scrapped for a bag

Simon RC me and you watching that spoon in the ranger try drive up that rut 😂

James Braine hopefully we never have to deal with this 😂

Mitch Riley If this wasn’t us when I gave my tub a love tap

brendon just blows out bonnets

Nicolai Jack William when I’m drunk up the back in the courier.

Cassie this is you me and Alexandra watching the Jeep up at the cape

Thomas Hogg James Oakes watching U do koala park hill 😂

Connor Madden the night I done the sill on the qbus 😂

When you cave the rear quarter in on the bosses Amarok 😂🤣 Pat Callinan

Heith Alex us watching Chris that time 😂

Brandon Rains $1000 buck lux because you won’t make sliders haha

Cowboy Tuned I’ll just leave this here...

Nathan King 😂 was meant to be this tag only not he cake one 😂😂

Oli would be rude if you didnt

Nathan Bouma watching Jordan Margetts come up the hill in big river 🤣

Jarred Alexander Riley Allen we all know who and to bad he didn't do it On a track

Brody that one time at cruiser 🙈🙊

Oi Daniel. That time I stoved your bullbar ahah

Emily Daniel I cant tag Nathan so I’ll tag you

Trent Foley when I got that little stick jammed in the back of my cab

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