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8 hours ago

Cowboy Tuned

The human body blocks out memory of how bad childbirth is, because if a woman remembered, she would never have another one.

The same happens with blokes and project cars.
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That’s where memory loss comes in handy

Jimmy, the pain is real

You meant to say “GQ”, but it autocorrected to “project car”......... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🐌🐌🐌🐌

But my wife always reminds me of "that stupid project car"...

The same happens with gq patrol owners....

James Hewitt you can bkock out the memories of herpes but atleast it leaves the garage 😂

Tay Gibbs how very true

Wen the td hits 130

Hamish Scanlain they keep delivering quality

Mitchell Gorey What happened to you

Matthew Orpen Courtney George that green patrol was awesome right?

Bradley Bell 😂👌

Kate Grice 😂😂😂

Luke Verrall ain’t that the truth!

Jackson Fletcher I’m an alpha now

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Start posting the pics xD I'll wait all day





Abby Meyer oh this makes me cringe! But love the lux always

Hilux any day

Just here to claim my top fan badge.. and then let people down by driving a petrol hilux..

That goes for all new cars, infact anything built in the last 20 years


I legit just neatly threw up

Triton all the way 👌

Dana, and we thought it was bad last time 😭😭😂😂

Too bad there is no other decent options

*any Toyota

Adon this is one one the most cringe worthy things I've ever seen.

Mitch Worth my teeth hurt! 😂 like just looking st this my teeth started aching!

Gee that’s got to tickle

I’d rather the hilux... be less painful Sean James 😂

Stick to the 3.0l TD and you'll be fine

Ah jon O'Donnell

Jake Trovato I’m a top fan be happy for me

Maddison New the last photo makes this even harder to look at

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Radio check please what’s the range doing

Even funnier when people refer to 200 series as trucks

Enter's truckstop and sit's down in the drivers lounge and begins to order a mixed grill with extra tomato.

But the guy on the ford ad calls the ranger a truck? 🤷‍♂️ 😂😂

Can i get a radio check?

Candy cane, candy cane, candy cane

Your good to the boarder ol mate

What if we start calling trucks utes instead of fighting

Ha ha ha

Brenton Purtill nearly the most relatable thing to you atm 😂😂

Callum Mcgowan

Lachlan Weal the amount of times ive corrected people that the dmax isn't a truck.

Jacob Whittle is it bad i always call the challenger a truck?

Brody don’t say this if you get interview

Emily Smith “my idea of trucks or your idea”

Liam Cheshire is this going to be you soon!🤣🤣🖕

Ethan Coble I'll write this on my resume

Could be even worse and call a ranger a truck like Craig Frisby

Josh, patrol/truck same thing? 😂

Chris Andrews Imagine paying 100k for leaf springs

Zac White so that’s how you got the job

Kieran Upton 😀😀

Billy McCulloch this would have to be Mitch

Kyle Murray I think this is Jackson Pettit aye

Michael Prcevich you Winnebago weekend warrior

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Samuel Stathis

Kadan Ford

Taylor Rorke Nathan Foss

Isaac Gillard

Connal Schürmann

Ryan Holznagel

Jake Tamati

Yiannis Kokotsis

Matt Barker

Chris Moloney

Jacob Iqbal

Cooper Duncan

James Riordan

Dayne Burnett

Jayden Brill

Ian Trotter

Zarah O'Sullivan

Jackson Budden

James McEvoy


Nathan Hilton

Malachi Bannister

Brock Duggan

Lared Jawlor

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Brings back memories of my Dad

This is how my dad dressed in 60s and 70s ! Loved the knee high socks 😂

I thought you had to be a school mum and drive a maximum of 20kms a week to own one....

Does it come with a short sleeve safari jacket, just asking for a friend .....

Wowsers! Drew - you’d look awesome in these. Maybe as a wedding outfit?!????

Didnt some of our primary and high school teachers wear these, yikes

New Actrol Mildura staff summer uniform.

I looked on your site and cant find how to order ?

Mum used to make elastic bands to hold my sock's

Standard male teacher attire when I was at school

oh new mens choir summer uniform!

Reminds me of how the male teachers dressed when we were at primary school. That’s scary

Prices are good though...

Just need some safari suit shorts and jacket.

The socks were the fashion of the day, but the shorts must have been very uncomfortable🎾

David Burt Stanley Maxwell brings back memories of a few of our teachers attire?

How on earth did we ever think that was a good look?

Your birthday is coming up soon, Luke, how about some nice walking socks and a fancy pair of fashion shorts?

Matthew Manns - go get a bargain ya big ginger

New work uniform Mick ??

That's proper style

I had no idea that men's shorts had any 'styles'.... 🙂

Your just jealous that not only do I have a good car but I could make that look good.

Not even ashamed of it. Nothing like a bit of freeing shorts action.

Outfit on right looks like what Graeme wore to work in Cairns almost 40 years ago 😁😁😁😁

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Can confirm this is 100% correct

Evan William

James Nistico

Cameron Healey


Brittany Elliott

Tom Morgan

I actually had to Google what a Toyota thong slappa is... #TD42owner

Adam Kuhn

Cam Jacobs

Brandon Timlin bringing back memories? 😂

Nathan Anderson Sam Kempnich

Dan Wayper

Craig Mills 😂 😂

Kale Robertson 🤣

Michael Demetrio Bagnato Josh Nelson

Jake Armstrong Brock Forrest

Mick Frost Kyle Brodbeck Mitch Doyle

Jaike Hurley Chris Hurley

Jade Jackson Tom Wright

Nabi Danny Matthew Dy

Jack Bush Steven Pocock 😂

Bryden Coady Ian Wilson

Sam Evans 😂😂

Scott Watson 😂

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Story of our life Lochie Gibson

Marty Robbo thought of you, jeep life! 😂

Danielle Dimech my dads car at the moment 😂

Cade Davis 😂😂

Jamie you at the moment 😂

Blake Tibbs Michael Wright but I cleared the code? Why does it keep coming back?

Nath Long you and jase on friday

Trey Aldridge🤦‍♀️😂😂

Jake Jeffery too soon brother 😏😂😂😂

Erica Helen the best one yet 😂

James Wiencke every guy who thinks they are a mechanic by deleting a code

Michael Gibbo Brne is that you at jim mock

Brady Jackson this is more my style 😂

Michael hahaha

Kenton my situation with both ute's 😫

Chaim Bennetts 😂😂

Belinda Adam 😂

Tim Robins? Hahahaha 😂😂😂

Jess Evans Sophie Raynes welcome to the club lol

Mitchell Adams your timing belt light

Colin Josh Carl literally my car currently

Hayden Baker this my reality

David Whitmore all to well....

Rose your old car

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1vd are actually a good engine👌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Daniel Burr

Brendan Canning

Ryan Engel

Logan Shaw

Telling Data what's what haha

Tyson Whitford

Zac Northey Jack Northey

Ben Teys

Don't dis TNG ​

Brock Scott

Josh Martin TD42s ArE GoOd EnGiNeS

Jack Curlewis our engineering idea to solve problems

Sarah Taylor 😂😂😂 we know who it is

Seb Dicker is that your mate Josh Nelson ☝🏼?

Fergus Pogson me as a top fan would know

Dom McGahan you

Hayden Sellin you cunt

Fergus Pogson me as a top fan would know

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