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58 minutes ago

Cowboy Tuned

Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

“We should match the colour of the bullbar to the car”

🤣 🤣

Time to merge the Facebook Andrew Mcclelland 🤣🤣

John Mottin

Pete Jewell

Kieran Williams

PaulEmily Moncrieff

Richard Buckland

Nat Stokes can you and Cohen get a joint fb account lol

Seth Hill

Emma Turner

Aaron de Bomford

Chris Carrigan

Todd Every

Michael Reid

Fabian Deluca

Lachlan-Melissa Horton

Nathan Mccahon

Richard Pearce

Daniel Grainger don’t you laugh dad, you’ve got a Kia lol

Tim Fearnley Zoe Sells

JenandShane Sattler??

Byron Naude Maddie Hoffman 🤔🤔😅

Toley G-dog 🤣🤣

Thomas Slate Not long now mate

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4 hours ago

Cowboy Tuned

Something tells me the journalists at channel 7 have spent a lot of money getting their blinker fluid and muffler bearings replaced in the past ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

$10,000 to remove tail shaft... I need to hit the boss up for pay rise

What do you expect Ford Ranger owners

More money then you've spent trying to keep your td42 cool Cowboy Tuned

Cody Pilgrim

Glenn Ellems

James Hewitt


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14 hours ago

Cowboy Tuned

Hubbys gonna be in the dog house for this one ... See MoreSee Less

Hubbys gonna be in the dog house for this one

Comment on Facebook

Cowboy tuned i think I deserve a sticker for my efforts here

Woof woof

I would also like to take full recognition for doing the tune and shaft removal hmu if wifeys away guys I’ll sort it #PSIBYUFI

Did I miss a news report on a hoon in a 200?

Luke Humber I’ll bring a couple bottles of ladder dog around

Tommy Predl

Riley I've only recently started drinking red wine and I think this may be a terrible foreshadowing.

Amanda Reichstein

Jack Wiencke

Shehan Jayawardane I call bullshit , not the same car , one has 37s and one has 17s by the looks 🤔🤔🧐🧐😂

Zachary T Maher. I’d say your old boy would do this but I highly doubt it

Brad Innes

James Skelton

Harley Cranston that’s you

Sean Ryan

Tim Fearnley

Chris Regan

Just cause the cops said it cost 10's of thousands of dollars doesn't mean shit hahaha 🤷🏽‍♂️

The only 200 worth owning, a blown petty 👍🏻

Dave Krenske nah DIY 🤔

James Nistico

Jayce Brown

Shehan Jayawardane this becoming the greatest thing ever your famous 🤣🤣🤣 can’t believe Alex Craig charged you 10k to remove the front drive shaft though 🤣🤣

Jarrod Hellyar

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1 day ago

Cowboy Tuned

The more you know... ... See MoreSee Less

The more you know...

Comment on Facebook


Cleary you have never driven a carby TB42, love getting 4ks to the litre on a good day

And runs almost as hot as a td42


Creates about the same exhaust temp as a Nissan Diesel too 😂

Sounds about right 😂

Fuel is cheaper than cranks.

Obviously you've never sent a TB42... 1 litre per 100m

Tb life

That's why you get a 4litre Prado , sit on 100 in the sand AC on , loves it

I had an old carby fed 3f petrol 80 series that loved a drink 😂

I'd rather boil the kettle

Andrew Lennox beach run this summer? We can see what happens first, you running out of fuel or me overheating?

Lachlan Grant Riley Keillor James Lambert They’ve never witnessed carby tb life

Nick Stockdale probably not far from the truth haha

Could still never touch the 80L per 120km that the turbo 3rz used on a bush bash. Not to mention that at one point it was saving fuel by running on swamp water and being towed for the half of it. Joshua Barrett Jaxon Withnell Jaxon Marriott


Dan Egan your dads patrol. He loves the bloody tb48 😂

Bet it uses less water to cool it down too .

Richard Petersen can you confirm? 😂😂😂

Hahahahah gold!!!!

Them feels in the 45 Matt Baccon 😭😂

Jared Hoven mine uses less fuel than a Prius at the moment

TD 4.2** Josh Cameron

Matthew Richardson consumer advice now 😂

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1 day ago

Cowboy Tuned

Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Exactly what our crew thought when we saw this at double island last year

I was thinking the same thing Dayne

That was my face for the length of the sand highway hahahahaha

Tony, and ya mate wears the Bourbon and Coke he’s just poured. 🤣🤣

Corey, you will never drive the Landcruiser again !

Your mate and the camp trailer Matt Downes

Fraser Island bites back💪🏻

Yep lol

Ryan Hewton just press the send pedal and hope for the best.....or cut your fishing rods in half..

Lot of 200 hubbies be having some explaining to do

Tim Cramp I feel this relates to a trip we took

Yeah bloody oath m8 lucky I had some maxtrax ay haha!!

Shane Bennett Andrew Keiler I remember this being the case for a certain ranger Kaine ....

buT a RAnGeR rApToR HAs fOx sUSpenSIon

Back Packers beach run

Tim bravo bravo navs heading into to ocean

Nard'z Fraser 😂when we lost the rear view mirror

Happened to me on fraser

Kye-Ann Lowe back in the day going into the shack 😂😂 The ruts on the big hill too 🙊🙊😂😂

Harry Toonen all the brutal ruts along the fraser inland track?

Brad Mccallum you that time at Redhead beach with the windows down 😂😂

Matt Lyster you deserve to be tagged twice.

Crystal Abbott , me out 8 mile all the time 😂

That time we smashed three of your rims 😂 Nathan Busk

Beau Parry Jake William Crane the happy valley run after we werent allowed back to the bar 😂😂😂

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2 days ago

Cowboy Tuned

Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Well if this isn’t the most personal attack I’ve ever seen Oli

Sooo funny 😂😂😂😂

Ashley Reynolds

Griffin Crouch

Peter FrostZak Biggin

Tully Massey-Slee

Jack Chalmers

Georgia Gordon

Brody Jolley

Jack Curle

This could be you Josh Stanford

Zac Trotter

Jarrod Ryall

Patrick Lawrence

Sam Christopher


Andrew every time am on marketplace

Ben Hads

Rowan Laing


Tom Eade me to any landcruiser under the sun

Shaun Kuster Anthony Anderson Ben Muir. This page is starting to get personal 😂😂

Darren Gould except it was the best decision iv made

Nick Swan 😂😂😂😂😂

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2 days ago

Cowboy Tuned

Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Can I fit 37s on my Pajero with no lift?

Every fb page

Has anyone ever put a 40 cab on an 80 series?

Td42 means turbo diesel but there is no turbo why would anyone take it off...

Is this zipties

Hey can I run 35 inch tyres with no lift

Why does my patrol shake at 60ks

Daniel Burr

Justin Suffolk

CaN i fiT 33z wif n0 LiFt?

Tom Keevers

Thomas Benny can i fit 35s and a 2 inch lift???

Daniel Jay Slac

Brock Heironymus

Dave Edwards when dealing with potatoes. More spuds kicking round than a smiths potato chips factory

Jordy Saunders

Michael Coates Jr 🤣🤣

Marcus Kaye

Kirk Scott

Richard Baker

Jack Francis

Bentley Maguire

Cowboy Tuned, this is Adam

Cowboy Tuned pretty sure someone made a Tuning business over it and daily takes the piss 😂😂😂

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2 days ago

Cowboy Tuned

What kind of world are we going to live in when someone blows up the last unopened Silvertop ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I’m looking very forward to that day.

A very uneventful cold world.

Good thing none of us will live to see that day...

Thought that had already happened ... 12mths after they sold the last new one ...

We still got forklifts and minivans 💪 we all good

Come to think of it it might cool the whole of Australia down though. So not all bad

Ain't a world worth living in.

And on that day... the vegans had won

A better one

Only silver tops left will be N/A motors, they wouldnt pull the skin off a rice custard so they will never fail....

A sad world

Cowboy Tuned may have just figured out how to stop global warming...

Its ok I know of a stash hidden out Redland Bay

Ship to nz

Im sorry guys

rebuilds will cost $20k

I'll let ya know.

A new, rebuilt world.

Lewis can get a 4.2 stroker kit for a Barra then this would not be an issue.

Global warming will be no more

Mine is still kinda running

There’s such thing as unopened td’s? Must be soft cocks pushing 70kw😂😂😂😂

China sells td42 short blocks

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