1VD-FTV Engine Review

What’s going on LEGENDS, today we will be reviewing Toyotas flagship engine, the 1VD-FTV

Back in 2007 Toyota thought things were going a little too well with their motors, so they decided to shake things up a bit. Part sales make a a large amount of the bottom line of the car company, and the prospect of selling new $30k long motors was too hard to resist. This is why they moved away from the ever reliable 1HD-FTE. They simply didn’t blow up enough.

The 1VD on the other hand, goes through more oil than a McDonalds chip fryer and breaks down more often than a Mcflurry machine. It was the perfect solution for Toyotas reliability ‘problem’

1VD Engineers took a lot of inspiration from Holden’s legendary 253 V8, you will notice  a lot of similarities both in sound and power/torque levels. The only difference is there are still 253s running around today, it’s highly unlikely the 1VD will be able to boast this in a few years time.

The 1VD really is an every man engine. Unlike something like a TD42 which is namely a ‘Bogan’ motor according to David Attenborough from Wish, the 1VD is loved by both Concrete Cowboys and Karens alike. Karens particularly like the twin turbo version equipped with some extra power to help speed up in overtaking areas.

Design Features

Toyota took special care to place the alternator as low as possible, which is a really shitty position for a vehicle that is meant to spend a lot of time off-road. Fortunately they know their market and were pretty certain the vehicles the 1VD was in would not in fact spend any time off road anyway.

Due to 1VD owners being dumb enough to service their vehicle at the dealer, Toyota also put the starter motor in the best possible place to make some fat stacks when it comes time to replace it. This is generally done every few thousand ks when the intake has to be completely dismantled because it’s more clogged up than Willem Powerfish.


Manufacturer             Toyota Motor Corporation


Power Output              Single turbo: Fuck All / Twin turbo: also fuck all


Fuel                               Hybrid – Diesel, dust particles and oil


Fuel Consumption      15-300 Lt/100Km


Oil Consumption         1 Lt /100km


Sadly for Toyota owners who lOvE tHe bIG v8, it has been discontinued in the 300 Series. The 70 Series usually lags about 50 years behind with everything so unfortunately we could still be listening to it’s ear punishing thong slap for a while yet.

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  1. Knuckles Draggin says:

    The future of motoring is here, hybrid will ease the transition to full electric. Just never thought they’d make a diesel/dust hybrid. Great article.

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