Ultimate Beach Driving Guide

What’s going on legends. The weather is good, the water is warm… Its time to hit the sand.

Beach driving can be an enjoyable experience. Not only is it a good day out, it’s also a great place to film some 4wd content. Did you know that 98% of all 4WD Tiktoks are made on the beach?

Read on for our tips to make your trip up the beach the best it can be.

Gear (like 4wding gear not nose bags)

First of all, if you’re going by yourself, make sure you take out most of your recovery gear. No point using your brand new snatch strap when you can wreck someone elses.

  • Recovery tracks: These are a MUST. Your photos will look shithouse if you don’t have at least one brand new set of these on the roof. We would recommend at least 8 sets for when you intentionally bog yourself to make that YouTube video. Just make sure the 6 other cars that could have snatched you out aren’t in the shot.
  • Tyre Deflators are not required unless you are planning on doing some hectic lid skids (see how and where to drive)
  • Misso in a G String: If you’re not setting a thirst trap using your misso as bait, why are you even going? Beach trips are a great opportunity to have other blokes rub one out over your missus and plug that only fans. If you’re lucky you may even end up in A4S Media’s spank bank.
  • Vodka Cruisers: No self respecting Pit Viper wearing legend should be seen dead without a Guava Cruiser in hand. They also make an effective weapon when smashed over your hoopless bullbar.

How and where to drive?

The answer is fast as fuk boi. Especially if there’s family and kids around. Road rules are more of an idea of what not to do on the beach. Just speed up till you are no longer comfortable controlling your vehicle then add 5-10 more km/h.

Lets talk Tip ins. Not many people know, when you are attempting a beach skid, you should tip in with as much pace as possible. If you start slow there is a lot less chance of you ending up on your roof which won’t get you as much social media clout. This is also the only time you should lower your pressures below 40psi because you really need those tyres to come off the bead to get that party started.

A lot of people will tell you that you aren’t allowed on the sea grass dunes. This is a lie, I have personally had a NPWS Ranger witness me do a sweet jump and chase me down to tell me how good it was, sadly I was in a hurry and couldn’t stop to have a yarn.

Beach Etiquette

Punch ons are a healthy part of beach driving. Just make sure if you’re going to have a fight, do it in front of everyone and make sure someone films it. Extra points if you can get your misso involved.

Just leave all your rubbish, you’re too important to worry about that shit. Glass Cruiser bottles are made from sand so they pretty much belong there anyway.


So there it is legends. If you follow this guide you are sure to have a great day out and may even get a bit more social media clout. Yew!


One thought on “Ultimate Beach Driving Guide

  1. TeEdEe 4.2 gang says:

    Punch ons is very accurate, had fists thrown at me for not helping some Hilux who’s bogged at the entrance, hadn’t even reached the cameras to get onto the beach yet.

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