Toyota adds Self Destruct Feature to 79 Series Land Cruisers

With all that’s happening in the world right now, the Covid health crisis, Stock Market crashes, it’s nice to see a company still looking after their customers.

Toyota have come up with an innovative yet simple idea to help customers navigate the dangers of loan default. If you are having trouble making your payments, simply drive your Cruiser into the nearest patch of long grass and bobs your bloody uncle, an easy insurance payout is on the way.

“Unfortunately for a lot of 79 Series customers, the first thing they did after heading to the RM Williams factory outlet, was remove this handy feature and throw it in the bin. Jokes on them for trying to have a vehicle that can actually pull the skin off a rice pudding haha” said one Toyota Technical Adviser

Farm ute buyer John, who is doing a game changing Insta build and lives on Sydney’s Lower North Shore is incredibly happy with this feature.

“I’m doing ok at the moment. I normally use the truck to get a latte on a Sunday morning, but if it comes down to it, I can ride the scooter. I’ve instructed the gardener to leave a patch of Sir Walter to get long so if shit hits the fan I can park the big girl on there and let her rip.

200 Series customers are now waiting to see if their vehicles have this same handy feature. Karen Benston had this to say when she called to speak to our manager about an unrelated matter: “When I told hubby to buy this Sahara for me, I said I wanted all the options. You don’t pay over $100k for a car not to get features that poor people have.”

Cowboy Tuned will keep you up to date with any developments. Oh what a feeling.